‘The Last Supper’ from start to finish

I very often just post pictures of a finished piece of artwork with maybe one or two progress pictures.  I thought I’d show a piece coming together from start to finish so that you can hopefully appreciate the amount of work that goes into each piece.

1: Once a school decides on a theme, I draw out a design.  The story we worked on was ‘The Last Supper’ with the intention of it eventually being displayed in the school dining hall.

initial sketch

2: After a very busy day in school I bring all the completed work home and start to put it all together.

3: On an 8ft canvas I drew out the table, windows and scenes beyond.

4: Next I painted the walls and added trees.

5: The tablecloth and tiled floor were added next.

6: Some very funky Disciples and Jesus were then sat around the table.

7: Finally the table top, bread and wine etc. were sewn down.  Each piece can take around a week to complete, some take less time, others more.