Holland Moor Primary School in Skelmersdale

I’ve squeezed in a couple of hours today sewing together a canvas for the Nursery at Holland Moor Primary School in Skelmersdale.

I’ve spent two lovely days working with the children aged 2-3 on various art activities. All the work they produced will be put together to create an art pieces based on ‘nature’ for their new nursery. The finished piece will be 4ft wide by 6ft tall. The aim is to end up with a colourful and tactile piece which will be displayed in the story area of the nursery.

This piece will require lots of secure sewing and fastenings so that the little ones can feel and touch their artwork, but won’t be able to pull bits off!!
As the piece develops, I’ll post more photos.

photo 3

Stitching leaves

photo 2

Details of the piece

photo 1

Laid out ready to stitch